Ortho- meaning “corrective”

Bio – meaning “life”

Nomy – meaning “the laws of”

The corrective application of the natural laws of life!

Ortho-Bionomy® was developed by Dr. Arthur Lincoln Pauls, a British
osteopath, who wanted to find a way to work with the body which honored the body’s inherent wisdom. From his experience as a Judo instructor and through his training as an osteopath, he found ways of working with the body by exaggerating the body’s preferred postures, thereby permitting the body’s self-healing process to create greater balance and alignment. He discovered that by working WITH the body and not against it, the body could find balance on its own without having to use force to correct it. Dr. Pauls began teaching this work in the United States in 1976, and taught Ortho-Bionomy® extensively throughout Europe.

This modality is effective with both acute and chronic pain as well as providing significant stress relief overall. Ortho-bionomy® mixes well with other healing modalities and is appropriate for everyone interested in achieving better health and personal growth.

There are many ways that Ortho-bionomy® can bring you to greater health. 
By working with the body – not against it – the client-practitioner partnership allows the body to release tension and realign itself.  In stimulating the body’s self -correcting reflexes, we employ the proprioceptive nerves that give the body information about where it is in space.  Movements, positioning and gentle compression are used to inform these nerves and trigger
self-correcting reflexes.

This work is performed either standing, sitting or on a massage table with
the client fully clothed. 

*Restore your natural balance and alignment

*Promotes recovery from injury

*Increase circulation

*Break the cycle of pain

*Promote relaxation and restore well being

*Improve athletic performance

*Encourage fluidity in joints and movement

*Increase range of motion

*Reduce tension and soft tissue around scars

*Help resolve trauma and PTSD

Ortho-Bionomy® is a registered trademark of the Society of Ortho-Bionomy International, Inc. and is used with permission.