“We find Karen McCarthy incredible!”

She is the most well-read, well-versed healing professional that we’ve ever met. She is utterly passionate about the work she does and incorporates it into every aspect of her life. Karen’s a healer, a teacher, a guide and a friend. She always goes above and beyond in her involvement with her clients. Due to her convictions and beliefs, her work is incredibly powerful and the results are profound.

When Karen came into our lives five years ago, we had never heard the term “Energy Healer.” It was right after our daughter was born almost four months prematurely weighing one pound, eleven ounces. The prospects for her future were grim. We were lost, confused and hopeless. Karen saved us. The lessons that she taught us are too numerous to name. First and foremost, she taught us how to be present by using the techniques that she teaches through Brain Gym. We learned about homeopathy, herbal therapy, flower therapy, healing touch, and muscle testing. We learned to be our children’s advocates, how to set clear boundaries and experience life to the fullest. We often tell people that working with Karen is like active therapy, and that an hour session with her is like a year of traditional therapy.

We have a great appreciation for the fact that Karen believes in finding a balance between traditional medicine and holistic. She always encourages us to work with our doctors and to question and understand how and why they are offering certain treatments. On two separate occasions, Karen made a trip to the hospital to perform a healing on our daughter. In both instances Karen’s healing powers were amazing. One in particular astounded us, and those in the medical community who witnessed the outcome of her work. For the first year of her life, our daughter had an ostomy bag. When the ostomy was surgically reversed, Karen came and conducted a healing. We were told that our daughter would have a severe rash for six to eight weeks post surgery. The best that we could hope for was that the sores didn’t open and become infected. We waited for the rash to emerge. And waited, and waited. It never came, not a spot. The skin therapist at Children’s hospital charged with managing this expected condition, said that in her nineteen years at the hospital she had never seen anything like it. It was a concrete example of Karen’s gift of healing.

Today, our daughter is a happy, healthy, intelligent five year old girl. We firmly believe that it was the combination of the wonderful medical attention that she received in Boston, and the work that Karen McCarthy performed. We say that Brigham Women’s and Children’s hospitals kept her alive, and that Karen McCarthy enabled her to thrive! We feel so blessed to have her in our lives.

~ Kasey and Lee Ormiston