A helping hand to bring your health back in balance...

With over twenty years of experience and thousands of patients served in New England and across the United States, Dr. Karen McCarthy is committed to helping you identify and address the underlying issues that can sap your vitality, cloud your outlook on life, and contribute to dis-ease. The good news is: Your body has the power to feel vibrant and well!

Through educating, counseling and hands on healing modalities Dr. Karen McCarthy helps to bring the mind and body back to awareness, action, empowerment, rejuvenation – and harmony. Her practice is focused on identifying the underlying root cause of issues while simultaneously empowering and educating clients with hands on healing tools. 

We can help you:

  • Identify the best nutrition and lifestyle choices to help you thrive
  • Learn hands on healing modalities you can practice to bring your body back into balance
  • Address stress and anxiety with a holistic and energetic approach
  • Gain new insights and knowledge about lingering or chronic aches and pains
  • Create clarity around your goals and dreams in a personal or professional environment
  • Experience your body’s ability to Heal

Meet Dr. Karen McCarthy

A note from a patient...

"I have found Karen's knowledge and skill sets to be incredibly robust and powerful. She has helped me to find underlying patterns that have contributed to fatigue, anxiety, thyroid issues and more. Time and time again, she has been able to help me untangle lingering issues that my primary care team couldn't quite put their finger on. She is professional, thoughtful, empowering and I feel truly grateful to have been one of her patients through the years. I highly recommend you book an appointment with her."
Julie L.

What makes Dr. McCarthy’s approach different? 

Sometimes our path to wellness for ourselves, and our family, can be a confusing, overwhelming and frustrating mixture of complicated symptoms and diagnoses. Over time this can often contribute to physical, mental and emotional pain, including stress and anxiety. In these instances, being an empowered patient takes courage and determination — and it helps to have access to the right support system.

Dr. Karen McCarthy’s commitment to her patients is this: She will arm you with new tools, new concepts, new understandings and new ways of thinking to help promote balance in your body and energy system.