A helping hand to get your health and life back in balance...

With over thirty years of experience and thousands of patients served in New England and across the United States, Karen is committed to helping you identify and address the underlying issues that can sap your vitality, cloud your outlook on life, and contribute to dis-ease. The good news is: Your body has the power!

Through counseling and hands on healing modalities Karen helps to bring the mind and body back to awareness, action, empowerment, rejuvenation – and harmony. Karen can help you:

  • Identify the best nutrition and lifestyles choices, including those to help alleviate or manage food allergies, gut health issues, thyroid challenges etc.
  • Address stress and anxiety with a holistic, energetic approach.
  • Tackle injuries, aches and pains from several vantage points
  • Create clarity around your goals and dreams in a person or professional environment
  • Experience your body’s ability to Heal.